Eye First Aid

First aid for Eye Injuries

Physical or chemical injuries of the eye can be a serious threat to vision if not treated appropriately and in a timely fashion.

Chemicals in Eye

noel templeton for eyes injuries
Any chemicals in the eye, irrigate imediately,saline if you have it, clean water is fine pour it in for at least 20-30 minutes, labs may have dedicatied eye wash stations but the garden hose will do.
Alkaline substances have the potential to cause deeper more permenant damage and are often granular so often difficult to remove easily
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Forgein bodies metal, or grit if not washed out easily will need to be seen by a professional, Ophthalmoligist, Optometrist, Doctor, it is best if they use to a slit lamp. A loose bandage over the affected eye will reduce the irritation.
A penetrating injury tape a cup over the injured eye some manuals suggest covering both eyes to reduce eye movement, better to have vision out of the good eye pain will stop movement in the injured eye the cup/patach will stop any rubbing

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