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Your local family eye care professionals. Established in 1991, Noel Templeton has practices in Blenheim,        Picton and Westport. We also run a fortnightly clinic in Reefton. Noel Templeton Optometrists specialise in contact lenses, ocular therapeutics, behavioural and general Optometry You only have one set of eyes, so trust us to look after them

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Your vision changes over time, and it is important to monitor those changes to get the best from your sight.


An eye exam encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of systemic and ocular disease, and referrals to other health care specialists

Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies of vision eg. Myopia (near-sighted the distance is blurred), hyperopia (difficulty with close vision often called long sighted), astigmatism the eye is shaped like an egg, amblyopia (lazy eye), Presbyopia normal ageing causing near or reading problems, colour accuracy and depth perception. Binocular vision problems where an eye may turn in which may result in amblyopia








Prescribing corrective lenses, contact lenses, aniseikonic ( image size lenses) lenses, low vision aids and vision therapy. We will evaluate patients pre- and post-operatively for cataracts and refractive laser surgery. We are trained to remove foreign bodies, treat anterior eye disease e.g.. conjunctivitis, Iritis and red eye. We are able to advise on work stations lighting and safety programs.

Vision changes throughout life, and to get the most from your vision you should have your eyes checked every two years. Many of the changes caused by eye diseases such as glaucoma develop slowly without obvious signs or symptoms. Regular check-ups ensure that there is the best chance of detecting or controlling any eye disease


Before your child starts school, your optometrist can test for near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism and eye movement. It is important to find and address any visual problems early before they interfere with your child’s education. Find out more about the health of your child’s vision. Regular eye examinations are as important as medical examinations later in life. The sooner we find and treat any eye health problems, the better your vision will be. Find out more about eye examinations and ocular therapeutics.

latest spectacle frame fashion

Our highly trained and experienced staff can help you choose from our wide range of designer, budget, or sport frames, lenses and contact lenses and sunglasses. We also have an on- site workshop and optical technician at our Blenheim practice where we fit and cut lenses to your frames. We are able to make stock single vision spectacles the same day. We can mend and modify frames without having to send them out of town.


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