Safety Prescription Spectacles



For Safety Spectacles compliance requires meeting the AS/NZS 1337.6.2007 standard for impact protection. To be compliant it is not enough to simply supply some protective side shields and/or plastic lenses to fit over existing glasses. Correct equipment must be provided for the job required.



Safety Eye Wear With Independant Optical Partners

As one of the largest independent groups in New Zealand our rates are very competitive. If you are interested in finding out more about our Prescription Safety Spectacles products please let us know and we can present you with our current rates.

All safety eyewear are constructed and certified by ESSILOR or HOYA LABORATORIES and the prices include, case, certificate, frame and lenses. These are certified for 12 months.

Nationwide we are able to offer a wide range of reputable stores throughout the country via our network known as the Independent Optical Partners group. You can view the list of our network of stores and partners online at

Independant Optical Partners

Precription safety eyewear

We are also able to offer very competitive rates for eye examinations. This is for a standard eye examination and includes VDU paperwork as required (contact lens examinations, fields, photos and OCT retinal scans are not included in this price as they are more complex and would come at additional cost). And we are also able to offer your staff and their families an additional discount on any frames they purchase from us in the future as a bulk discount rate (excluded are any items already on sale.)

We Have best Rural Cover of any Optical Group in New Zealand


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